Lower Back Tattoos
Lower backs are now a very popular location to get a tattoo. They look sexy, are easily hidden, and exclusive to women. I have many small ones to start you with, or possibly add onto an existing piece, or start you with a larger one. We have everything you can imagine, plus internet image search. You may bring in anything from the net, or a drawing. I have hundreds of sheets of patterns, and many new ones in the upper gallery we just opened. You can apply "Emla" cream to your lower back first, making the piece painless! Please wear loose fitting pants, not jeans.

The lower back is a very popular spot for a woman to place a tattoo. I have answered the same question about it lately: "Is it true that if I get a tattoo on my lower back that I cannot get an epidural?" No, not true. You can get an epidural even if you have a lower back tattoo.

I think that most people who ask me this, believe that an epidural will deposit a piece of skin, with ink in it, in the spine and cause paralysis.

You need to understand how a needle works. When you get an injection with any needle - a piercing, an injection from a syringe, a blood test, or an epidural - it does not cut a divot or chunk of skin out and deposit that skin inside of you. Any needle, any injection, only cuts a slot. No skin chunks are carried inside of you. Therefore it is irrelevant whether or not there is a tattoo there.

I did some research on the internet and found a website called On that site I found the question, “will a lower back tattoo prevent me from getting an epidural?”, and the answer was 'no'. They wrote that an anaesthesiologist would maybe not want to put a scar through a tattoo, but there was no mention of paralysis at all.

Pay no mind to ignorant people who try to scare you off getting the tattoo you want, where you want it.