All needles are disposed of after each use. A needle costs fifty cents, and I am not going to try and save this insignificant amount of money by using a disposable needle more than once.


I use single-service one millilitre ink "caps". They are placed in a disposable "ink cap" holder and are then placed on a styrofoam or paper plate. Ink, caps, holder and plate are all thrown into the garbage after every client.

Plastic Bags Everytime...

Everything I must use over and over are wrapped in plastic. The tattoo machines are placed in plastic bags everytime, the sink faucet, and spray bottles too.


The sterilizer is tested at Dalhousie Pathology, the documentation is here on display. I have been tested for diseases as well, and the results are displayed as well, for everyone to see.

Countertops and Chair

I follow the same procedure as the hospital. I use a powerful disinfectant called Ultraquot. After every client, the counter top, chair, work surfaces, and even the phone, are cleaned with Ultraquot.