There are no regulations governing the operation of tattoo shops. There are no age laws. Every shop creates its own policy on ages.

At Merchant Marie's I tattoo 15, 16, 17 and up. The client must be old enough to follow aftercare instructions. The client must be old enough to come into the work area by himself/herself. I will not discuss clients with third parties. All work is confidential.

Parents, it is up to you to watch your kids. My lawyer did a thorough and extensive investigation and there are no laws.

No Kids, Please

My job as a tattoo artist requires concentration.  Clients deserve my undivided attention.  If a child, toddler or baby is in my shop I feel distracted.  I am sorry, but I just cannot allow children in the shop.  I have tried in the past and it does not work.

I do apologize to parents who wish to bring them in the shop, but please understand our position.  Clients need to relax when they come here.  Little kids do NOT help people to be calm.

No one is allowed in the tattoo parlour if under the age of 13, no exceptions.  If you are getting a tattoo or just coming in to look, please leave the kids at home.  There are signs stating "No kids, no admittance to anyone under 13" on my door.  All of the tattoo shops I have visited have the same signs - not just us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Merchant Marie